ASR 10 depressed

I had a fully working ASR 10 up until 3 days ago. I was looking at it’s vintage white keys compared to my Behringer Poly D keys and saying to myself, "Damn, my ASR 10 Keys are piss yellow, wtf? So I did some research on Youtube. A dude showed how to restore white plastic keys with hydrogen peroxiide cream. I took my Enoniq ASR 10 apart to get the keyboard out and remove all the white keys, no problem. Then applied the cream and left them out in the sun :sun_with_face: for hours covered with saran wrap like he said. Then washed the keys, let them dry and they looked brand new white. The problem is… after I put the ASR 10 together and connected all it’s internal boards and jumpers the ASR 10 doesn’t work. I also took photos of each board showing which jumper connects to which board and such. I assembled it back according to the photos I took before taking it apart. I don’t know where I f-ed up. I’m kinda’ disappointed and learned a valuable lesson. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Now it’s in craigslist for sale (not working) salvage/ parts

Send to for repair. I get the whole DIY thing and saving money but sometimes you gotta come out of pocket. Also, I have an ASR 10 Rack and I love the thing even thought sequencing on it is a task…

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I was able to fix the ASR 10 :pray: Thank God! The problem was the power supply. It had 4 blown out fuses and bad capacitors on it’s pc board. The power supply was replaced and it’s working perfectly now. :partying_face: :tada:


That’s good news for sure. Where did you get it fixed? Or did you do it yourself?

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I have two broken asr-10. Rack and keyboard models. I would love to get them fixed, but i live in finland and dont now any place that repairs these machines.

Hi, the only problem with my ASR 10 was it’s power supply. Is that your proble. as well?

Hi, thank you. Yes, I’m very happy. The way I was able to fix it was as follows… I checked out a bunch of keyboard stores that sell vintage keys in N.Y. but nobody was interested in doing the repair due to a lack of knowledge & parts. I proceeded to call, the guy on the other end barely spoke english and hung up on me. I was loosing hope but had a gut feeling it had a bad power supply because it had all the signs that were listed in the ASR 10 service PDF manual. I started looking on ebay and came across a man selling refurbed ASR 10 keyboard & Rack power supplies. They were available for $100.00 So I purchased a refurb. He has a policy. Before he will ship you the purchased refurb, you have to send him your old ASR 10 power supply. He checks out your old one and tests it… he also called me to let me know what was wrong with it. I was very impressed. He mentioned that mine had 4 blown fuses and bad capacitors. As soon as he recived my old one he had already shipped the refurb
It shipped fast as well. I reinstalled it put the entire keboard back together and everything works fine now. Very stressfull and time consuming but well worth the energy. I’m so happy :blush:


P.S. I’m happy to help you out if you have any questions. I tried finding a repair shop in the U.S. area but no store wanted to do the repair due to a lack of parts. The guy that refurbed my ASR 10 power supply on ebay is a genius technician and when he called me to let me know my ASR 10 power supply had 4 blown fuses and all bad leaky capacitors I was very impressed. This guy is very knowledgable and work was done quickly. It only took about a week to send my old power supply to him and him to send me back a refurbed one. If you go on ebay just type in ASR 10 refurbed power supply and there’s only one person offering these on ebay. I would give you his phone number but I believe it’s better that you contact him via ebay message. I don’t want to be rude to him or you. . If you take your time when taking the ASR 10 apart taking photos of how the jumper cables are attached from one pc board to another and jotting down notes of which color cables went where, you will be fine. I also wanted to mention to you that as far as buttons, specific keyboard keys and other odds and end parts, check out the website/ store: they have a lot of ASR 10 parts as well as other vintage synth parts. I was able to purchase new buttons and one keyboard key from them. If you decide to do the repair yourself which I believe is your best bet and cheapest it took me about 6 hours to take the ASR 10 apart. You’ll only need a pair of plyers and a phillips screw driver. The plyers are only for removing the nuts on the silver plate that connects the power supply board to the inside of the keyboard. The service manual is also a handy free downlad. For instance… my ASR 10’s sample input green & red lights were flickering after the keyboard was turned on and nothing was plugged into the inputs. They mentioned this in the service manual which indicated a bad power supply. Also when I booted up the ASR 10 it went through the boot up but then the screen read error: no keyboard found. The service manual also mentioned this indicated a bad power supply. Then I went to turn it off then back on to see what it would do and it was completely dead. The only thing that lit up for a split second was the sample input green red left & right lights. I knew it was the power supply at that point.

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Okey, sounds intresting. I have to dig those machines out of closet and check how they behave when i put power on. I’ll come back when im wiser about the sympthons. I found that seller in ebay. Thansk for the tips.

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You’re welcome.