All of a Sudden Im getting Noise /Distortion when recording Audio

Hi all
This has just started after days of success.

I have my external synths plugged into Inputs as usual. Ive been recording lots of samples and saving them. But now when i play a note on my synths there is a really loud noise/distortion sound that makers the audio sound bad. I’ve changed cables. I’ve changed inputs. I’ve changed synths. But it makes no difference. I’m still getting noise and distortion through my speakers. I have run the synths through my mixer and the sound is fine so i know its not the synths.
The input monitoring set up has been triple checked as is the same as it was when i was having success.
Oh and the sampler is fine as my samples playback with no noise/disortion on the Isla.

Please help as it was all going so well.


I think i may have fixed by luckily finding an old similar thread. I had Input Gain turned to x10. In that thread they said the mixer and the Isla are clashing and to reduce back to x1. I did and its no longer noisy or distorted. But its weird how it was working fine for days with x10 on Input Gain. The sound nolw is fairly quiet and i have to max the synth volumes and mixer to get appropriate levels. Is this normal?

Well of course it’s normal because you changed the gain factor. Your workflow should be such that you have everything at max volume at all times and you vary it in one place (e.g. the mixer) only. That way you are minimizing all issues related to signal levels.

Thanks. I watched Alex Balls video on Audio Imput and he said x10 so thats what i did being a novice. But he didnt have a caveat with that, And i discovered that some of stuff runs hot in an audio signal so that has to be factored in.