Ability to toggle whether using Individual Out deletes audio from Main Outs

Currently, believe, there’s a hardware switch associated with each Individual Out that upon insertion of a Cable into a given Individual Out effectively Mutes that particular audio from the Main Outs so that it’s only coming out one Output or the other.

I’d like to ability to toggle this on and off per Individual Out, such that I can leave both an 8ch Snake plugged into the Individual Outs and have Cables connected to the Main Outs and switch between via a toggle in the menus and not by unplug/replug 8 cables.

I’m sure this has been mentioned before. I saw it once somewhere but couldn’t find that again either.

Is there a status on this? Hard/easy? Soon/never?


This is not possible. The mix out is wired to the individual out jacks. Not under software control.

There was talk about another outputboard with balanced outputs a while ago, then maybe those outputs could be designed to be able to do what you want. But it’s been quiet on this front… might be never…

Okay, thanks for the clarification.

I could always modify the jacks to interrupt this path, I guess, and add an inline physical toggle switch to each jack that interrupts this default path per Individual Out.

Bit of a brute force method but it would work, I think.

Anyway, maybe after the warranty expires…



I don’t think that would work I’m afraid. Standard Jack normalisation happens physically inside the socket (pushing in a Jack physically separates the normalled contacts) rather than detecting current/signal/continuity.

Perhaps not. Right on.

I sent that prematurely. ^

What I meant to add was:

I’m under the impression (without opening my machine to look) that each physical Individual Output jack has extra pins for the Normalization function, because it’s my understanding that that’s how 1/4” Jacks with Normalization work in general, separate of the part that bends out of the way.

And, based on that assumption (which may be wrong, no big deal if so, I’m not complaining just thinking about potential solutions), it’s my further assumption that it’s by connecting to these extra Normalization-pins which is how the S2400 “knows” what to do when the jack is inserted… it looks for an “isInserted” voltage or short on those particular traces/wires/posts on each jack.

And therefore… if you interrupt that Normalization wire/trace right at the physical jack, before it gets to the rest of the S2400, then you can hijack whether or not the S2400 even knows a cable is plugged in by opening and closing my own switch connected right there at the jack post between the jack and the normal path. Right?

(If it even works that way, I’m just guessing)

(I’ve not seen a schematic or photo of those details)

(I’m not doing this anytime soon, anyway. It’s an idea…)


For example, buy an extra OEM outputboard that’s fully populated and ready to go (keeping the original as backup), then modify that second outputboard by adding 8x mini toggles between the physical jacks and original traces/wires as described above, basically.

That’s the idea anyway. Where to mount 8x mini toggles is its own problem for another day. I’m just fishing for workable solutions.

How much for an extra, complete, outputboard, @brad?

(If this will even work basically as described)

the normalization happens inside the jack, the S2400 CPU had no idea what you plugged where …