Output Jacks option to stop severing output to L R mix out?

Loving the S2400, I’m just wondering is it possible to stop the 1-8 output jacks being auto severed from the L/R mix output?

Reason being, I want to wire all the outputs into a patch bay, but depending on what I’m doing, not necessarily use all those channels individually, without having to pull the jacks out slightly to disconnect their individual outputs and route through the Mix outputs.

Wondering if it’s possible to do it in the software, or they are hard wired that way to break the connection to L/R when inserted? :face_with_monocle:

My understanding is that inserting the cable defeats the link to the mix bus. It is like this because of the way an audio jack is designed and they are passing the signal using the jack so that it will break the connection upon cable insertion. So no software modification could ever make it work.

Mind if I ask what you are trying to accomplish? Perhaps there is another way to do what you want it to do.

Yeah, I too hate this. It’s standard practice to wire equipment into patchbays in studios. When I’m working on beats, I tend to use the stereo mix through the dj set. It removes the need to fire up the whole studio when just sampling. Then, when ready, I track out through the individual outs. I hate, Hate, HATE having to pull the cables from the rear of the machine!!!

I want to wire all outputs into a patch bay, so I can chose which channels to route into my mixing desk from there. I can work around the issue, I was just wondering if there was a way to control the routing in the firmware, but it’s cool, I guess this is how the original SP1200 behaved.

Why not use the headphone out instead of the stereo mix out? The headphone output is very HQ too, so I cannot even see this as a workaround. It solves your case.

That could work, but it’s not ideal. For example:

If I want to use Output 1-3 for Kick, Snare, Hat and then route all the additional channels to the mix out stereo pair, then the Kick, Snare and Hat will also be routed to the headphone out.

I think I’m just going to have to patch the channels in I use, as opposed to using the L/R as a catch all.

Appreciate the suggestion and help though :grinning:

No it is not ideal, but it is the only possibility at this moment. Maybe the future (balanced) output board will work different, but for now you have to connect both the mix out and the HP out if you want everything connected and choose between the full mix and the residual mix.

Future (balanced) output board?


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I built this unbalanced to balanced convertor for my S2400, but i rather have this upcoming upgrade :+1:t4:


I don’t know how long this will take, or if the board will ever exist. There has been a radio silence concerning this board.
so, good for you that you made one yourself.

They might be making/designing a board now, but it seems to me that the only focus is getting a final bugfix release ready and moving on to the next project (the refirb biz).

When chips will be available at a normal level… maybe then?

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well he just received 1000 of the processors that are the heart and drive the 2400 - you know that means a thousand more can maybe get built - that is a nice income stream for them and who knows what comes on the back side of that, maybe something, maybe nothing

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