Channel Outputs question

I want to make sure my channel outs are working like they are supposed to. It was my understanding from the manual that when inserting a TRS cable into one that channel is mechanically removed from the mix out via a switch in the jack. However when I do that the sound assigned to the said channel also continues to play through the mix out.
This is the case with all my channel outs when I tested them one at a time. I was trying to apply effects to only a couple channels while the rest come through the mix out.

Am I misunderstanding how they work? Do I need to use either just the channel outs or just the mix out? Or is there some sort of setting I need to adjust in order to use a couple channel outs and the mix out?

Did you check that your tracks are not stereo? If they are they will play out 2 outputs and maybe you only had one of the outputs plugged?

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Yeah I switched them to L+R mixed and that did the trick. I actually solved it before this post was approved and to delete it before it posted but I couldn’t. Thanks though.