A way to erase tracks not used and auto organise?

I love to import folders full of samples, and start writing a track right away. But then, i end up with a lot of tracks i don’t use, and i would like to cut them to keep only tracks used in a sequence.

For exemple, begin with tracks ,and keep only tracks A shortcut to erase empty tracks and auto arrange to become the new tracks would be awesome.

I wish i could to that as easy as Shift + Settings > Organize tracks > Erase all empty tracks

The ones lit up/flashing are being used.


Delete Unused WAVs from file menu.

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I tried, but i’ve got this message “Project has no unused WAV files”, and that’s true, because they are assigned to a track, but i don’t want to use them.

Also, delete unused WAV files is not enough, tracks unused must be erased too and replaced by used tracks.