A few questions about track&sync with Reaper

Any Reaper users? :slight_smile: I’d like to know if there are best practices concerning MIDI sync when recording separate outs.

I am a bit stuck with how to set MIDI clock properly on both sides. (Reaper and S2400)
My configuration now is Reaper master S2400 slave.

  1. Is there a better configuration than the other? Reaper master S2400 slave, or S2400 master Reaper slave?

Below are the main settings in Reaper.
2) Should I care about the “Reset” part? All-notes-off and pitch/sustain on Play.
As you can see on the second capture, pressing play in Reaper send CC64 to the S2400.

  1. On the S2400 except setting the clock source to MIDI DIN (in my case), is there something else to pay attention to?

  2. Pressing the Play button in Reaper seems to stop the S2400 sometimes like in the following video. Is there a particular behavior to expect, or a way it should be absolutely used?

Otherwise, doing trial and errors made the S2400 freeze in MIDI monitor mode, song mode and main screen. The main cause seems to be pressing play in Reaper multiple times in a raw. Another cause is doing extreme tests like setting the bpm to 960 bpm in Reaper and see what happens for example.

My worklow until last year was syncing Reaper with my MPC as a master and Midi Time Code. It was rather straight forward. With the ability to copy a song to sequence now in the S2400, it has come close to this workflow. A few things to tweak on my setup and it’s good :slight_smile: