8 output expander?

Is this even possible?.. since we now have 16 tracks I wonder if there can be a hardware 8 output expander that can “somehow” be added to the 2400.


I would def love this but doubt it’s possible, unless the DSP / expansion cards could add ADAT.


Well, Brad and his team are mad scientists. If someone can do it is them. They’ve already made miracles happen with this machine. :man_shrugging:

Maybe we could use the audio outs for the first eight tracks and send track 9 to 16 via USB to a computer. Then use something cheap like the Behringer UMC1820 to go from digital to analog.


More than happy with that idea. That would be super powerful…don’t need everything going through analog filters and the USB audio sounds great. Imagine that isn’t easy to do.

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An adat expansion card would be great. 8 input channels to use the FX card and 16 Adat output. Like on EMU E4