Wood panel weight

I was wondering if the wood panels are significantly lighter than the metal ones.
I would love to lose some weight on the machine as I’m gonna need to travel with it.

They’re definitely lighter in the hand, but they don’t make the machine feel lighter, IMO.

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They are lighter but won’t make that much of a difference considering the unit is a tank and the case is solid too.

thanks, a few grams less is always nice :grinning: but I didn’t realize they are out of stock

Also keep in mind that the wood sides dont easily fit in the case, its a bit of a situation where you need to cram it in there…


I don’t have the isla case, I use a stormcase i2600, it’s got a bit of extra room on the sides.


They do now - we had the inside measurements altered on the last batch of cases that went out and all future cases will be the same.


I need to see if I can also “unbend” the case; it was bent a bit during OG shipping. I had noticed the back turntable grounding screw was bent when I received it, but I never realized that the case itself was as it was always sitting on soft material; in the past month I have used it on different non-soft support, and one of the feet is higher like 2mm. It might be an easy fix and if those wooden sides can take out a bit of weight that might be an excellent opportunity to do it.