Query about wood sides for the S2400

Can these be applied to an original order and would there be any additional cost of shipping if in the same parcel as the unit?

Also, what is the installation process?


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Bad has stated at this point in time it really would create too much havoc to try to account for who has what going onto their s2400 in trying to get these units out. The wood sides ship separately and are a really easy installation. Just unscrew the metal sides and replace it with the wood.

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Waiting for the black brushed aluminum side panels


Same, same. I love the look of those.


Brad just posted today that some black anodised & black powder coated sides are being sent to him to test out.

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Look forward to these!

How do you test sides?

I imagine getting samples from the supplier and seeing if they fit the bill enough to be made available for sale to the rest of us?

Id like transparent ones so i can see the twinkly lights :slight_smile:


That would be awesome you could probably have some made.

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