Wood sides and hard case

Till now I wanted to buy wood sides but preparing my s2400 to go to town this morning I’ve realized that fitted with wood sides it may not fit properly inside the case anymore.

How different (long, large in mm) are official wood sides?

I could cut the foam but the remaining part and especially in the middle is not very large.

Are different panels with exactly the same size as the original planned?

Otherwise a very small detail but something I’m worrying a little about is the lack of space between the foam and the volume knob at the back (picture 2). It seems quite tight.


I could be wrong about this but I recall Brad saying the wood sides aren’t so thick that they wouldn’t fit if put into the case with the wood sides on. They’re only slightly thicker than the aluminum sides and the foam should give way a bit around them. Caveat I have the case but not the wood sides.