Where is the SP1200 disk images thread ? :)

It’s time to bring the links !

Some here


I just had a go at opening an SP1200 disk image and I must say I’m impressed. Now I want to know if there are more images out there like the ones you linked to. I have a feeling that many of us are missing this new feature because other than page 17 of the manual, I don’t think I’ve heard it mentioned anywhere. You can just load up an hfe image and it populates all of the pads and loads premade patterns. I’ve been playing around with the bongos hfe just now and it is pretty cool.

ok so at first I struggled to understand the process but here it is :
Shift file, browse file and click on a .hfe, > convert Disk to a Projet ? >Yes

=> those converted samples are now located into a project folder by the name of the SP1200 archive.
then, I can load a projet of mine, and use the Load Kits functionality to get the samples up and running on my projects. or simply do pad assignation.
=> I’m gonna relocate all these Emus into their original folder as I want only my projects in the project folder.
I hope this Helps, as there is no .HFE reference in the manual yet. :star_struck:

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Another link with same images

Have you tired the “Techno Drums” image ? It’s hilarious, not techno at all

Could that be because the SP-1200 is a couple of years older than techno music?

Sure ! Still funny :slight_smile: What the term “Techno” was meaning for them at this specific moment…

It is not very detailed, but there is a reference. If you search for HFE, you will find it on page 17.

Now you got me curious. I try to load the image.

my bad…I was reading a 13 month old manual … :innocent: :rofl:
what about .EXB and .EBL ?

I think they should have called it ‘Electro’. Most of these sounds were used a lot in electro hiphop at that time (late 80s). For instance: Street Sounds Electro 15 Full Album - 1986 - YouTube

Electro and techno were sort of synonyms at the time (as far as I remember). As in progressive, innovative, sci-fi styling.