Wave screen redraw

i noticed a few things on last firmware, when doing gain change, the waveform doesn’t always refresh to the new gain, also when doing edit of a sample and saving it seems it sometimes keeps in visual memory the old marker position of the pre edit sample over the redrawn new sample on screen. Also I noticed sometime the zoom is getting very slow, but this is not all the time, so it might be related to the size of the sample, or at least It feels so.


I noticed the same

I have this happening as well.

The waveform is always the same number of pixels, so drawing it is always the same speed. However, the longer the sound is, the longer it takes to analyze the sound data to create the waveform.

We will look into the issue of not refreshing after a gain change. Any additional steps to reproduce would be helpful.

I actually noticed it also does something else than just not refresh, after saving it shows the waveform as if the gain was applied twice, exiting the waveform mode and coming back by pressing then shows the right waveform. here is a video of it.

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My bug is half user error ( not respecting the supposed workflow)
1- normalize OK
2 press pad accidentally
3- go back to sample → the waveform is still the same as before normlization but the volume is normalized.

your video is set to private.
I think if you don’t save the sample and press some other pad you might be losing the gain change. this is normal behavior.

Thanks for your message and sorry for hijacking your thread. For me it looks like it is half error user, half bug. (gain being not lost)

no hijacking what so ever we are all here to share.
I see what you are saying, I noticed it too.

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