Undo Record Function?

I’m trying to find a way to undo record as opposed to deleting an entire track. For example if I’m using the MIDI tracks and I record a few chords. Stop recording and then start recording again doing an overdub and I mess up the overdub, I can’t find a way to just undo the overdub recording. I have to erase the entire track from the pad and start all over again.

Am I missing something?


You can hit Copy+Enter to make a manual undo point. So just get in the habit of doing that before you perform an overdub?


So I stop the sequencer/recording. Hit Copy + Enter. And then hit record again and do the overdub that way? Then how do I erase that without erasing the pad?

You don’t need to stop the sequencer, or even come out of record mode. Just hit Copy+Enter to create the Undo point, and Copy+Back to actually Undo.


This works on the MIDI tracks as well correct?


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