Track outputs assignments overview

Would be great to add an output assignments screen feature where you can quickly get an overview of the tracks output channel assignments and change them. Maybe shift+F7 to go to this menu in pattern mode

Preferably it would work like the quantize or swing menus, if you hit a pad that takes you to the corresponding pad on the screen, highlighting the output field so you can just press a pad and a number on the F-keys to set the output, then automatically tab to the alt. output field.

So for example to set pad A2 to output 3 & alt output 4 you bring up the outputs screen, hit pad A2 followed by F-3 and F-4 without having to scroll fields.

It would also be great if this output screen could have an indication of when the pads are hitting, similar to the program edit mode where the A1, A2 etc gets highlighted when they hit.

Would make it easier to sort out unwanted chokes (or create them) or change output channels without scrolling through the track settings. Would also help with handling stereo tracks and make it more clear.