Pad colour to output setting

Would be a nice organizational tool if a setting allowed that if you chose a different color for a pad it would automatically change its output, considering you would normally organize which samples go to which output by ‘type’ example, hihat, bass, snares etc, this would be reflected visually at the same time… 1st 8 colours could be output 1-8 next 8 colours could be 1 alt 2, 2 alt 3 and so on.

even better would be if you could hold down a few pads at a time and make that change for a group of sounds at a time.


That could be nice. I made a similar request yesterday, check it out: Track outputs assignments overview

Maybe you’re suggestion could work together with that?


for sure, the goal would simply be a smoother and possibly more enjoyable way of organizing a kit and therefore avoid unwanted muting/ choking of sounds. having the colours linked to outs mean you could flip though the banks and know if the pads are red they are probably kick drums for example (or however you choose to relate the colours to sound types)

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Yes that would be nice. Like an option something along the lines of ”link track color to output assignment”?

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exactly ya

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Absolutely love your New Era Housing Project EP.
Very well done and original. Nice work. :+1:

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thank you, appreciate that :pray: