Track modification and metronome in Step Program

In the following screen allowing track modification could be very useful in some cases.
It could improve the workflow. Not need to delete then record an event at the same place again.


About the metronome, I don’t know if it’s half bug, half specification but it seems that the metronome doesn’t work in step program. Not a big deal but to keep it consistent with other modes, when the sequencer is running and the Rec/Edit is lit, it could be useful to hear the metronome.

Regarding the metronome, it is working as designed. Step Program mode is not record, it is edit. So, “metro while recording” has no effect. However, if you turn on “metro while playing”, then it will play in Step Program.

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Also, please keep it to one feature request or one bug report per post. Otherwise we have difficulty keeping track. Thanks

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