Timing hiccups in live looper when waveform view is activated [IN PROGRESS]

I’ve noticed that when you have the waveform view open for live looper tracks, there is some timing hiccups when changing track selection.

The loading of the waveform doesn’t have to be instant, I rather have the machine stay in time. Could there be some delay or something added for loading the waveform view when switching tracks so that the machine doesn’t loose timing if that’s the problem?

Maybe like the way the new SP404 mk2 draws the waveform gradually while keeping playback clean. Not sure that would solve the problem, just a suggestion.

I don’t get these hiccups if waveform view is off.


This seems similar to the issue present when playing a normal sequence with the loop/slice waveform editor open as well (timing issues/hiccups). Something involved in that processing routine is seriously underpowered.

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Yes it does seem to be a similar problem. I’ve noticed the same thing you mention.


I’m experiencing the same problem chopping loops with the wave editor, it’s like it doesn’t want to give me a perfect loop, driving me mad… any info on how to solve this?
Many thanks

I think what you’re talking about is another issue then what I meant here.

You can zoom in in the wave editor to find the perfect loop points, then long press F5 to have the slice points snap to a zero crossing to minimize clicks and pops. Maybe that helps?