Loop/Slice mode - delay/latency triggering sounds when waveform display is on (button A) and pads are hit

Not certain if this is a bug or just something that I shouldn’t do, so just checking to see if anyone else has experienced this or if this is normal.

With Loop/Slice button enabled and samples assigned to a few pads/tracks
Press A button on a track to bring up waveform display
Press any pads in succession and the triggering of the sounds is delayed

Turn waveform view off (press btn A to turn off)
Press pads in succession and the sounds trigger normally

Anyone have this happen?

Yes, I have noticed a delay when hitting the pads in succession in that scenario.

It takes time to load the waveform.

Yes, that’s what I suspected.

Thanks , so it’s to be expected. Cool

Thought it may be something like that, but was thinking draw. Load time makes sense. I can live with that, thanks for clarifying !

Nice to see you guys on the flux livestream yesterday btw

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