Thought about play only 1 bar

Not a request just a thought.

There is a small workflow issue with F5 long press as a shortcut for play only 1 bar. I have the tendency to press it shortly and it changes either the pattern number or the tempo to 55.

Looking at the current main screen, I m thinking for example that if there was a way to navigate inside the screen and highlight the bar fields it could be a way to select a bar or several bars and make them loop.
For example when the cursor is on the “bar field” pressing 1 would make the first bar loop, pressing 2 would make the second bar loop. Pressing 3 and 4 would make the sequencer loop from the third bar to the fourth bar.

Nevertheless, it wouldn’t solve problems in a sequence with let’s say 16 bars or more after someone renders a song to a sequence.
And it would need a few button pushes to go to the bar field so not very direct.
In step program mode, it might be easier to implement.
Or an extra option in Pattern Length mode : loop from bar X to bar X with the ability to turn it on or off with the double click.

Another thought long pressing buttons takes time. For example if you press F5 in a 300 bpm pattern you’ll make the next bar loop. Not a real problem because no one makes beats at 300 bpm but I feel the response is a bit slow.