The "I would like to purchase a white case" thread

Ordered. For the money, it better sound good with the white case!!!


Had a few messages from folks complaining about the price on this.
That’s fair, but y’all need to bear in mind that my costs of manufacture of small runs of things greatly increase, then the fact that the ocean freight for each enclosure will take up the same volume as a fully built machine, and the new packaging (same case as an S2400) all add up. It’s simply not worth my time otherwise.
You can see that for a fully built machine, I’m not charging any extra for the white version.
I’m being about as fair as I can be.


Any chance of trade-in options? Not much use for an empty case for the end user after a swap out, maybe you could reuse them if they’re clean


You can wear the front plate as a necklace :stuck_out_tongue:


Panels like this are expensive. Honestly the price seems reasonable for what you get assuming you are comfortable installing yourself. You want a new paint job? You gotta pay.

If you don’t want to be stuck with an unusable black case, sell your unit and buy a new one.


The cost doesn’t bother me, I simply prefer reducing possible waste.

Selling and repurchasing has its own set of hassles and potential tax liabilities (at least in the US).

Never hurts to ask a reasonable question, so it would still be good to hear a response from Isla and not a dismissal from a stranger.


Could always refinish your original panel in a custom design, and/or sell it.

I hope they add some details to the white machine like knobs & fader colors and the grey pads.

Would be dope.

Bleaching the black ones could work? :smile:

I order mine ( first s2400 ) and im really really excited to put my hands on it :fire:

Regards from Spain!

Bleaching the black ones could work? :smile:

Not that this is serious, but I’ll save you the time and let you know that bleach will not do anything to the knobs (either an inorganic paint pigment or most probably anodized aluminum), and while it may work on the pads, there’s a good possibility of the rubber chemically degrading and turning into goo if you try to use an oxidizer on them. :grin:

that makes sense :smile:

thank you!

Maybe in the future we have news about his!

Also, welcome to the community! :brain:

thank you !!! im happy to be here!

I have placed an order.

May be I will just swap top plate and save the bottom case for later.
This is something only black version owners can do.

I already have black sides installed therefore it will be nice custom black and white version ! (although we don’t see bottom case often)

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Are the white enclosures still on track to ship in July?


Waiting GIF - Waiting - Discover & Share GIFs


I’m waiting my white unit like crazy

Update @bradholland please!

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There was an update on Instagram 2 weeks ago saying new units were in freight and ETA for shipping was 30 days. Includes white enclosures :raised_hands:

Thank you!

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Boat docks on 6th September as per recent Facebook update, white cases are on it :pray:t2:

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