The "I would like to purchase a white case" thread

Looks nice! I would consider it.

Looks lush. UK price depending, I would go for a white one…

Perhaps offer a white case / black sides combo deal for all of us with the stock S2400?

FORAT 9000

Sure!! I’ll buy one! Depends on cost though. Also is it like a stark pure white or more like a cream/beige color? Hoping for the latter🙏🏼 would love for an OG Akai Beige color


Yes please.

Very keen.

I’ll likely buy the white case, if for no other reason, just to show my support and appreciation for continuing development. I would hope that you might release the filter board or DSP upgrade along with it. That way, if we are already taking it apart, all of the work can be done in one go.


When the filter board and DSP board are released I’ll grab a white case, to support Isla. :slight_smile:


Yes. And maybe it should have a black horizontal stripe running across the bottom for contrast, to match the light colored stripe on the current black S2400.

Yes, that’s what I was thinking. It seems like there’s a few silk screening design elements that are gone

Can I get one in bubblegum? With pastel accents?

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make friends with a powder coating professional :wink:

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I wouldn’t mind painting the plate myself to any color I want. The problem then is the letters, numbers and other markings in the design. :man_shrugging:

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mUsClE mEmOrY

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Absolutely. It’s that time-money-cost triangle. Screen printing is… not super hard with a bit of practice but requires technique which I know I will screw up if it’s on something really important. Plus the toxic paints and maybe an oven etc. I already have way too many ambitious projects.

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Big oof dude, this hits home