Tap/Repeat swing?

I’m not hearing swing in Repeat when playing live. I set Default swing to say 66% but the repeats are straight. As I like to play live w/ looper I’d like the swing. Is this possible or only after quantizing to track?

Also feature request, per pad repeat 1/4, 1/8 1/16, triplets etc could be assigned by fader or at least 2 values could be individually triggered by mute/solo.


+1 for real time swing if it’s possible to implement.


+1 for note repeat swing, like featured on the MPC would be nice



That’s a feature I’d certainly use when jamming.


beyond the mpc, use your imagination w/ sliders, knobs or buttons to control repeat rate per pad, eg bd quarter, hats 1/16

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Pressure sensitive repeat button to control dynamic as well

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thanks for the inspiration, but it is more about the feel of the swing applied to note repeat, not the note division etc. When jamming and already having swing added to the tracks that are playing it just feels odd to hear a sample repeating like a staccato machine gun, while everything else is swinging long in a beautiful funk manner.

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@detroitred no sh — the proposed is in addition to swing not instead of… . but since you bring it up, funk feel is not based on swing beats

  • 1 for swing in repeat!
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My old linn 9000 (1984) has notes swing repeat (pioneer of this function by the way) and would love to have it also on the s2400 :pray:t5::wink:


What do you mean by this? Can repeat be used for things other than just sample playback triggering? Or are you suggesting the devs implement being able to set the repeat rate via the sliders? (that’s a wicked idea)

Yes sample playback triggering with swing like many current machines. Or why not the pattern as well ?

Tempest example :https://youtu.be/t7I0wQfzPAg

This is done in the next update.


+1 . Great idea