Sync vocals

Is there a way to sample vocals to a track without it getting out of sync?

What do you mean? If you set it up right, it will stay on time forever.

Sample how? Bounce, looper track, plain sample with machine not playing?

Just sample a acapella or just vocals from a record like you would any other sound.

Can it be done and if so how do you sync the two up.

Get the timing as close as you can by ear then chop the vocals up into sections as you please, then use the sequencer to play the chopped parts back either in one long pattern or different patterns with different vocal sections.
Maybe use slice multi mode to cut the vox into 8 slices, easier to jam with.

Yeah, just plain old sampling, no machine playing.

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What @JCSelector said. First get the tempo as close as you can get it (use shift for tenths of a BPM). Then after that use the transpose in the track settings (shift-pad) to see if you can get it even closer. If the song is still too long to get it tight for the whole song, then chop it up and retrigger it where needed.

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Okay, good looking out. Thanks for the info!