Step Mode PPQN Position Numbers

It would be helpful to have a display of the PPQN position in the Step Mode. This allows the user a way of seeing exactly where in the bar they are working. I find the measure number in the top left to be a bit vague in displaying location, especially when zoomed in.

Some like the following would be great:

|1 1:01 ppqn

Second step at 256t/fine would look like:

|1 1:02 ppqn

The last tick of a 4/4 measure (at 256t/fine) would look like:

|1 4:96 ppqn


Just wanted to bump this up to see if anyone else is interested.

The Step Sequencer has gotten so much more powerful and awesome with recent updates! It would be great to have a numerical indicator displayed to precisely indicate where on the grid a note is located (& shifted to). This would definitely help make repeating processes easier, and prevent one from getting lost when shifting.


Yeah it would be nice.

Especially in the nudge screen for example. Now we have “shift” I’m not sure people will keep on using “nudge” but the way it is shown with 1st, 2nd, 3rd, th and 1/X is not easy to understand.

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Just display -/+ the number of ticks for the nudge feature would be easier to grasp I think :slight_smile:
But I always go for the shift function now days. But if you need to see exactly how late/early something is trigged having it displayed in just ticks would be better :slight_smile:


Yeah I would love to be able to see exactly where in the seq the notes are located. Whichever note system is fine really, the one in the MPC’s are a bit complicated as it just keeps adding ticks 96/192/288/384 and so on, but still easy to use. But to display bar nr + tick 1–96 would be easier I guess

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The way it is displayed has changed in the latest firmware after this feature request by the way.

From the release notes:
“Simplified event location to bars+16ths+ticks in Step Edit”