Step Mode - Multi Slice - Level/Velocity [IN PROGRESS]

I’m trying to Modify the Level of a single piece of a Multi Sliced sample in Step Mode. And, no matter what I set the value to, it always plays back at full Level/Velocity. I tried turning on Dynamic Pads as well, but regardless of the audible Level of the sample, it always records at full Level/Velocity in Step Mode.

It is possible to record the correct Dynamic Level values if I record outside of the Step Sequencer. It just seems to have an issue within the Step Sequencer itself.

If you turn on multi mode sync for slice and level you can chop up your 8 slices, then press level and adjust the levels of the 8 slices. Does that answer your question?

If not you might want to read about playback override/record overwrite in the manual.

Or if you select the step in step program mode you can change the level of an already recorded trig.

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Yes, thank you! I never would’ve correlated that Multi Mode Sync would have to be turned on to modify a step sequencer event Level from reading that paragraph in the manual. I appreciate your response!

You could also just select the step in step program mode and tweak the level there if it’s already recorded to the pattern

Perhaps a solution could be to automatically bypass Multi Mode Dynamic pads in Step Record, unless Multi Mode Sync is enabled. This would insure that the user isn’t operating under the illusion that their Dynamic velocity can be recorded.

And, it really seems like a bug to me that it’s not possible to use the Modify function to adjust the level of a recorded event, unless Multi Mode Sync is on.

I think you might have missed something. You can definately change the volume of a recorded step without multi mode sync being on. Just select the step in step program and change the level.

You could also go to level multi mode and activate playback override on the multi pad and change the level of only that multi pad. Then hit A+pad to commit the changes.

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Probably. I was able to change level with your second suggestion. But, the way you describe the first way is so vague, I can’t understand what you’re saying.

I know how to select a event. But, saying to just “change the volume” gives me no real instruction. On what, the fader? Press Level First? I’ve been trying to change the Level value using the Modify Selection menu with no luck.

In the first message of the topic at the bottom there is a description about how I do it. There’s a simulation video with no sound and no explanation but it shows what’s pressed in the first part of the video.

For one event only, it is faster to do it in Step program though.
Because the steps to do it ouside Step program would be:
-multislice and multilevel with multisync on
-while playing press A to engage override for level and move the corresponding fader to change the level.
-when you’re happy with the new level, turn rec on, press A again to activate rec override and keep the pad pressed down only for the event you want to change when the sequencer is running at the position you want a change.
You have to wait untill the sequencer is at the right position and there are a lot of steps. So for one event only, Step program is faster.

For mutiples event, override is faster than step program. (example: every snare on the second beat of each bar of a 4 bars pattern)
It would be like:
-multislice and multilevel with multisync on
-while playing press A to engage override for level and move the fader to hear the change (you hear all the snares changing on the pattern).
-when you’re happy with the modified volume setting, press A+pad and it’s done. (it’s a shortcut to modify pattern.)

→ no need to engage rec override and there’s the shortcut A+pad so it’s super fast.

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About Step program:
-Go to Step program
-Go to the position you want to change the event
-Press enter or the encoder click
-Press enter again to go the Level field, then modify it.

or press “2” if you want to change the volume number directly.

Does it work for you? If it doesn’t work there might be a bug somewhere that would need investigation :slight_smile:

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There’s the information I needed! I’ve got some studying to do on this.

Thank you both for being kind enough to take the time to respond :facepunch: :facepunch:

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When the ”edit step parameters” screen is showing you could either push the encoder to go to the volume field and change the value or you could press the level button to the left of the machine andmove the fader for the track you’re editing.

But what I usually do is to press the multi mode button when this screen is open, then you can change everything showing on the screen from the faders without having to switch between mode buttons.

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