Starting a new project

I tried searching before I asked, and I didn’t find this answer. I am running the new update August 12, 21 when going to file new project, shouldn’t I be prompted to either save the file or not, instead, it just says no media and does nothing.

May I suggest it go like this:
New project >prompted to save (yes,no) if you say yes but no card inside=no media prompt,
then if you select ok =(proceed without saving) or back= (stay in your current project) Because when I wanna start a new project I’m forced to clear everything or shut down etc. I do understand when you have a card inside the unit, it makes you create the new project with a name etc but I am just suggesting a more intuitive logic behind the new project function
*I’ll try to post these going forward in the respective category on the forums

New project creates a project.
Clear everything does what you are asking for.

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ok thank you