SP1200 Conversion Hangs Sometimes [FIXED]

The new FW is great and thanks for making it better and better all the time !!!

I encountered some problems with some hfe files from the www and the machine is stuck in CONVERTING DISK TO PROJECT mode.

Probably corrupted files as my original SP1200 Disks load fine with even the sequences and songs !!!

Would be great to have an option to ABORT and stop the converting process when it’s stuck. I have to switch off the machine otherwise all the time if a file is corrupt.

Thanks :slight_smile:

It the machine crashes, then it will not be able to respond to an abort key press.
Can you post a link to some disk images that make it crash? I can code around the corrupt/unexpected data so it does not crash.

DSKA0004.HFE (2.4 MB)
DSKA0004.HFE (2.4 MB)
DSKA0004.HFE (2.4 MB)
DSKA0005.HFE (2.4 MB)
DSKA0004.HFE (2.4 MB)

Hi Mickey,
it’s a folder called “SP1200 Collection” with 99 files and the first two work and the rest gets stuck.
Got this from the net somewhere and happy to share.
My original self-saved hfe ones from my SP1200 work fine, though.

@knarzmaschine All of the images above are the same and they are all completely empty (all zeros). That is something that my conversion code does not anticipate. I will fix that.

DSKA0001.hfe (2.4 MB)
DSKA0000.hfe (2.4 MB)

Ah ok, makes sense then, but as I see it they are all 2.5MB files.
These two work, though.

Yes, all HFE files are the same length regardless of what data is in them. It is the length of all of the sectors on the disk they are emulating.