Sleep mode [RESOLVED]

Hi guys,
I got so used to sleep mode after 5 min. Since the March 2023 update, it no longer triggers. it’s not the end of the world…of course!

:man_shrugging:t5: I decided to go back to the previous update but the standby mode still does not engage

What does the settings menu say for the Sleep Time setting? I’m guessing zero.

Hi Mickey, delighted!

it is on 5 min before standby

Very odd. Try changing it to something else (e.g. 4) so that the machine resaves the settings file.

I did this manipulation at 4 min then 7 min to try the debug . Going back to the previous update, I thought that would fix the problem. I definitely have more sleep mode, it’s strange .

I also removed the mains plug then tried the forced .UPF update but nothing seems to fix it

Can you upload your S2400.SET file please?

Unplug USB from your sampler, as I believe this has the power to wake the machine up.

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True. If it is getting MIDI, it will not sleep.

I also specify that it is only connected to the power supply and audio cables.
actually my microkorg in midi too

A Good news! she went into standby mode after turning off the microkorg which is connected to Midi In/Out

Thank you for your investigation. It’s good to know!

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