Setting to have envelope 2 be triggered from a different track

Here’s a late night idea i got after reading another thread here about sidechain.

Would be cool if there was an option in the envelope settings menu for envelope 2 where you could set another track to trigger the envelope. So envelope 2 would only be triggered when the other track that you set plays a trig.

For example if you have a chord sequence running on track A8 you set envelope 2 to trigger every time the kick on track A1 is triggered. Then you could use the envelope to do sort of volume sidechain. And do pretty wild stuff with filter and pitch amount applied.

You could also use a track without any sample loaded and just record/program a silent pattern that triggers the envelope of another track.

How cool would that be?


That is a VERY dope idea. Make envelope 2 trigger assignable by channel or clock in/midi and also make it loopable. All of a sudden the lowly envelope 2 becomes the most interesting sound design device on the unit!

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Yes right? Maybe there could also be an option to set 1/1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16 as trigger for envelope 2.

Great suggestion!

@Mickey What do you think about this idea? :slight_smile:

Maybe. It would be more audio engine work than UI.

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Sidechaining post guy here. This is more or less what I was suggesting too. Would be a great addition if possible.

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