Sequencer jumps/stutters when hitting multi slice pads


I started making a beat with a sample chopped in multi slice mode.
I have the sample on pad B1 with low pass filter going to channel 4 (with analog filter), then I copied it to B2, assigned it to channel 5 (without analog filter) and changed low pass to high pass. Both pads have the same sample, with the same slices in multi slice mode.

Now I recorded the drum pattern, then recorded the pattern of the low passed sample, no issue.
But then I had the pattern running and started playing the slices of the high passed sample, without recording, and the sequencer started jumping/stuttering on the second bar. It plays fine in the first bar, but in the second bar, every time I hit the pad, the sequencer stutters and all the notes in the pattern are delayed.

I think I might have had this before, but didn’t really pick up on it till today.

I have made a Demo Video of the issue.

Hope that helps.


Ok, watching the video again, I realised, that I had the wave editor open in slice mode, that might have had something to do with it. Will check that out tonight.

I was able to confirm that it definitely only happens when the wave editor is open.

I guess this is the normal behavior?!

If so, please close this issue.


That is expected behavior.