Save New Sample - cannot scroll through folders when initially saving

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE 12:56est (scratching head here)
After choosing a folder per my last update, the issue is not happened at all right now even after powering the unit completely off, turning it back on from empty and sampling a new sample. The difference I notice though is that while the screen shows /SD Card root in the interface , when I click it with the Select wheel the next screen shows the internal folder and then the SD card root folder. When it opens like that I click on the /SD Root folder and I do not have any issues. Before (per the vid), the initial Save to folder screen showed ‘/SD Card root’ and when I clicked on it the next screen showed the subfolders of ‘/SD Card root’ and I couldn’t scroll until I pressed ‘Enter’… not doing that now though, but definitely some inconsistent behavior happened in the interface.

UPDATE TO THIS POST (2/12/21 11:38am est):
Just noticed that after executing step 5 below, the ‘Enter’ key is lit. I pressed ‘ENTER’ and then was able to scroll through the folders. Not sure if that behavior is by design. Seems odd. Once I have a folder chosen, going back to into the Save screens for subsequent NEW samples no longer results in an inability to scroll through folders. It behaves as expected. (which makes sense based on what others have said in their discussion of what happens in the REsample screens…)

ORIGINAL Post (edited for clarity)
Cannot initially scroll through folder list When saving a new sample.
Haven’t seen anyone else report this specific behavior in this screen, but it Is reproducible on my machine:

(just to add, I did see the prev posts regarding similar behavior when REsampling; however, while similar, I did not want to assume the routines in the underlying code branched the same since the user steps for a new sample and REsampling are not the exact same steps from start to finish— even though the interface suggests there may be overlap since they both get to a similar looking screen with a folder tree, I just did not want to assume, so that those explicit steps when saving a NEW sample could be reviewed.)


  1. Turn on unit
  2. Sample new audio
  3. Shift + save
  4. Scroll to ‘Save to: Folder’
  5. Scroll down to ‘Folder’, press ‘Select’ knob to open file system
  6. Try to scroll through folders with Select knob nothing happens
  7. Press ‘Select’ knob to enter the folder already highlighted (had to press it twice)
  8. Scroll up to the up arrow and press ‘Select’ knob to go back to parent folder
  9. Now can scroll through folders at this parent level whereas previously I could not

This was occurring in the latest update and the one before. Did not observe it happening in dec update.

Here’s a video link:

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Similar to what happens to me when I try and save and save a resampled sound, let’s me choose other folder but it’s stuck in one directory, I have reported this in bug reports previous, I made a workaround by just saving elsewhere,ie project folder

This also happened to me using the resample functionality, not regular sampling.

If i"m not mistaken brothers it only RE samples to the corresponding folder (project folder where the desired sample resides at - the sample u wish to re sample) correct me if im wrong any one thanks and good morning to all KEEP BANGING!!!

It would be really nice to have the resampled sound assigned to a pad…Instead of scrolling away back to the project folder


Thanks, I haven’t done any REsampling yet. My issue occurs when trying to select a folder to save a New sample to.

When initially getting the folder list I’m unable to scroll to select any folder. I can click to open the currently highlighted folder and once in it , if I click the up arrow to go back to its parent folder that I just previously could not scroll in , I then am able to scroll in it and select other folders as shown in the vid link.

Since there is an option to save to a folder, it seems it is supposed to be allowable to save to a folder independent of an existing or nonexistent project. If a project has to exist for any save to be able to navigate the file system a certain way, then it might as well be required in the firmware to create a project when the unit is powered on or right after sampling anything, but I have doubts about that and hope that is not the case.

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Page 50 maual
Save To
The destination for the resampled file. Options are:
Project: The project folder
Same Folder: The same folder as the original file Other Folder: Any folder of your choosing

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Yes option to save it and at the same time option to assign to a pad,2 birds one stone


option to save it and at the same time option to assign to a pad,2 birds one stone

On this When I edit a sample I just recorded and its playing. if I try to save sample the Machine locks up. Sample was about 7 seconds long.