Sample pitch transpose beyond +/- 20 please

Mickey is there a technical reason why the pitch is limited to + or - 20?

Am I correct in thinking this is the maximum available - so for example if I transpose the sample +20 in track settings, then I can’t pitch it up any further with envelope modulation or fader pitch?

It would make more sense if it was 2 octaves - +/- 24. 20 seems an odd value to limit it at?


From my perspective as the UI developer, the answer is “because that is how the audio engine works”. Just had a conversation with the AE dev and it is possible to expand the range. It will require a lot of UI refactoring, so it is definitely a future feature.


Thanks for the explanation. Out of interest what impact will it have on UI if a max range of +/-20 becomes +/-24 ?

The code was not written with the thought that the range would change. So, many changes are necessary.

ok thanks for the clarification

Maybe with the upcoming feature to bounce pattern/pad you can pitch maximum, bounce, then pitch even further as a way around the current limit.

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