S2400 rack mount or other space saving methods?

Once my S2400 arrives i’ll be seriously lacking in the desk real estate department, just curious if anyone has come up with any clever ways to fit them into their studio.
It seems just a bit too wide to fit into a roll out rack drawer :expressionless:
…unless removing the sides would help with that, but i’m guessing that would expose the innards?

if he can do it with a clock why can’t you do it with a 2400?



I’m trying to figure that out too - I have zero extra desk space. My 72" table is totally full.
I don’t really wanna add an extra small side-shelf/rack next to my desk (but I will if I have to).

Was thinking maybe using a CDJ/laptop stand, so I can mount the S2400 right above my MPC60 or Mackie mixer or keyboard controller… but they don’t seem sturdy nor the exact right size (and the S2400 is a heavy beast).

I might just just put it directly on top of the MPC lol… with 2 wood 1.5"x1.5" sticks on the MPC sides, sandwiched b/n the MPC & S2400 to protect the MPC’s face.

Same dilemma. My S2400 isn’t here yet, but I bought a mixer stand on wheels for it. It’s solid and was inexpensive.


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Has anyone tried ones of these adjustable laptop stands to go above their S2400?

You could put a laptop up there, or a small mixer, interface, etc… And save up space on the desk.

Yes, they look sus, but there are a kajillion variations of these online for cheap, and they look versatile if you decide to switch things up in your studio or eat a sandwich in bed.

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bumping this ancient thread with my rack approach since my S2400 arrived last week!


My S2400 is just a desktop unit / on a table/desk… I use an Ikea Brada. Got the idea from TubeDigga on YT. (might interest others, idk)


Did anyone test this mixer stand?

It looks heavy and sturdy enough for extensive finger drumming (?).