Rackmount Kit

Is there any plan to offer a rackmount kit?

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Someone asked on Facebook a couple months ago. Brad responded that the idea actually hadn’t occurred to him at all till then but, after checking, it just so happens that the existing dimensions are just right to make it a possibility further down the line


Sounds great :slight_smile:

I am totally down for this. How many rack spaces will it take and do you think there will be an option to turn the audio plus 90 degrees (such as the Virus TI rack kit). This allows for anything plugged in to be brought in from behind and not from the “top”. How many spaces you figure? I know it isn’t available now but a great conversation to start. My studio desk has 6RU spaces x 3 across teh desk. So this would be great for my center console (mixed with the Circklon).

@bradholland any idea if this is will be in the works? :four_leaf_clover:

Thanks man and congrats on your success!

Secret: Made you look!

Another option would be to use a rack mount shelf that is slightly deeper than the S2400. Maybe remove the feet & put industrial velcro on the bottom of the 2400 to keep it from sliding around.

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I have a slanted desk with room for 6RU so the tray wouldn’t work for me but that is a valid option for many!

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Would love to be able to rackmount mine when it arrives in July! :facepunch::beers::dart:

Wow! That would be great addition!