S2400 MIDI is transposed?

Not sure if it’s a bug or just my lack of experience of MIDI and my gear, but I guess I’ll put it in here:

Trying to map my MPC Live to my S2400 through MIDI DIN.

I noticed when I hit C3 on the MPC Live, my S2400 reads it as I hit C5.

Any particular reason why that’s happening?

Octave numbers are not standardized in MIDI. Some machines and software will call note number zero C0, others will call it C-1, or C-2.

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I see! Is there a a way to change the way the S2400 receives these notes or maybe that’s a function I need to map out in my MPC Live?

The S2400 receives all 128 MIDI notes. It just displays a different number (than MPC) for the octaves.

Understanding you now! And I have the transpose function on the MPC Live, so I will have to use that to sync them up… Which means, I’ll have to save a MIDI program template for my S2400 in my MPC Live. Thank you!