S2400 faders and DAW

Anyone managed to get the S2400 faders to move the faders in the DAW ?

The standard midi learn path in Logic does not recognise the S2400

Working fine in Logic Pro 10 here.

Make sure your MIDI tracks in S2400 are set to output on the correct MIDI port that Logic is connected to (USB B I guess).

By default, each MIDI Track fader sends out MIDI CC07. I was able to instantly Learn a S2400 fader by going to Logic Pro X menu / Control Surfaces / Learn Assignment for Volume and then wiggling a S2400 fader.

Remember, use the MIDI tracks for MIDI controllerism, not the Audio tracks.


Thanks for the info…Will try later - i think i didnt use the midi tracks duh

Out of interest - did you manage (or is it even possible) to slave Logic to S2400? Or is it just vice versa?

I’m not a Logic expert, but I believe it cannot sync to MIDI clock. So you can only use Logic to output clock, and S2400 as the input.

I try it with the Midi-DIN Output. Logic recognizes the midi data, but the fader moves in a strange way, not from 0-127, up and down. Ideas?