S2400 Build quality problem

I like the S2400 so much that I ordered the optional black aluminum sides… and then…

While replacing the side panels I discover that two screw holes in my chassis were completely stripped, so much so that, whoever assembled my unit, had to use the red thread locker to keep the screws from falling out. They were basically glued in. So now, I’m a bit torn on what to do. On one hand, this doesn’t affect the functionality of my unit, on the other hand, if I were to ever sell it, this would definitely affect the resale value.

The photo below shows traces of red thread locker on two screws and one of the side panels. The third screw is also severely stripped. The two holes in the chassis which had the red tainted screws are completely stripped.

Raise a support ticket via the website please and we’ll get this taken care of for you.

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Thanks, I’ve opened a support ticket.

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