Quick naming of samples


Have lurked in the forum for a while but can’t say that I’ve seen a post about this yet. But please correct me or direct me to it if I’m wrong.

Anyway - this is just an idea I had while GAS’ing a bit in excited anticipation of the S2400 with a friend of mine the other day. He mentioned that the Polyend Tracker has a pretty sweet function for quick naming new samples - it will basically just throw a random name at it - like “snowbells” or some other random stuff. Which is nice because naming a sample can be a tedious task and a workflow killer.

We toyed a bit with the idea and tried to find a way to even improve on this function. So let’s say that you could set some predefined prefixes for sample names that could be selected from, oh say the numpad for example, and then you could just add a rising number like 001, 002, 003 or something or a free text behind the prefix. This way you could have prefixes set up to be f.ex. Kick on num1, Snare on num2, Wind on num3, Wave on num4 etc. and so on. And it could even be set up with a corresponding folder so that if you used a prefix it would automatically put the sample in that folder.

Just a thought. And it may need to be refined a bit, but some sort of quick naming function would be kick ass!


PS - really really really looking forward to getting my unit, but it won’t be until some time this spring at the earliest I presume… So in the mean time I’ll just keep on rabbitholing this forum, the news feed and youtube everyday in sweet anticipation!


+1 :heart_eyes:

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Macros for filename presets? Make a user defined list. Push a button and turn a knob and press it again to select one at the current cursor point.

Brad also mentioned the possibility of plugging in a keyboard to the USB host port, in one video. Not sure if it’s supported yet.

Easiest way right now is probably over USB using a computer, though.


I LOVE this idea

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Yeah, something like a macro with user defined prefixes. But also you’d have to be able to add a few extra characters behind it to specify a bit more of course.

Keyboard input would also be nice, but I think that still will disturb the workflow, though it will be far quicker. It also takes up space… :smiley:

A quick macro/prefix system that’s at your fingertips within the UI/UX will be very quick and easy to use. At least I imagine it would help to stay in the box, quickly name a sample and move on.

Incredible idea +1

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This post makes me realize every project I have is named after the track the main sample came from. Each sample in the project is named: kick, snare, hi hat, perc, bass, main sample and accent sample. If there’s more than 1 of any type of sample it gets a -1 (increasing in count as needed) added to the end of the sample. AWESOME idea. Would be cool if the shortcusts could be user defined.


Love this concept. Should get a poll going for the top 9 predefined names. I personally like:

  1. Kick
  2. Snare
  3. Perc
  4. Hat
  5. Cymbal
  6. Bass
  7. Sample
  8. Keys
  9. FX

Even shorter


Then like



remarkable wowsers love it

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+1 for predefined prefixes for sample naming

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I would love that!


+1 for this!

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Plug in a USB keyboard and type away, couldn’t get much easier.