Program Changes

So I cant seem to find any info on whether the S2400 supports program changes? I am assuming (but hoping to be wrong!) that this is because it doesn’t. Is this something that could be implemented down the road? For me at least not having program changes kinda limits the usefulness of the unit for live use. This is a shame as it sounds fat, and is great fun to perform with…

I really need this to! Hoping it will be implemented soon.

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This is from the manual, haven’t personally tried it though.

Pattern Chg
The S2400 can accept a MIDI message to change the current pattern. If ProgChg is selected, then
MIDI program change messages will set the pattern number. If CC 32 is selected, then MIDI
Continuous Controller number 32 messages will set the pattern number. If none is selected,
then no MIDI message will change the pattern number.

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I need to send it, not receive it unfortunately…

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Ah, yeah no clue unfortunately.

Yeah same

Same, I need this so it can fully replace Deluge in live sequencing and preset recall for external gear!

Also when i try and send a pattern change/program change to S2400 from MMT8, it doesn’t engage new pattern till the next time around. Ive been having to program a matching song mode for each machine (isla is drums and samples, mmt8 is synths and bass) it would be stellar to just get it to change at the top of the 1st step, like everything else in the room