Program Change messages not working

I checked the other posts about Program Changes and read the Control Settings section of the manual but I can’t seem to solve this one.

Here are my settings:
Control Port: DIN
Control Channel: 16
Device ID: 2
MMC Input: Off
Echo: Off
Pattern Chg: ProgChg

I’m sending Program Change messages from Ableton 11. I’m seeing the following on S2400’s MIDI Monitor:

D Ctrl Chg 16 32 127
D Prog Chg 16 127

Pattern 1 continues without any change. I was expecting a value of 127 would change to the next pattern, am I missing something?

Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere, I’ve done my best to read all relevant posts and manual sections!

I think you should try to send the pattern number itself. Pattern 127 does not exist, so no response will follow…

Thanks, I’ll try that. I was using 127 because of this line in the manual:

“A value of 127 selects the next pattern, a value of 126 selects the previous pattern.” (p.72)

I may be misunderstanding that, I’m not super familiar with Program Change messages or CC32.

Ableton uses the following hierarchy for Program Change: MIDI Channel > Bank > Sub Bank > Program Change Value

As far as I can tell, that’s not standard, it’s a way of managing MSB and LSB. Also, my understanding is that “Program Change” is intended more for patches than patterns, if that makes sense. So I’m not totally sure what values I would use to select an S2400 Pattern. For example, would Pattern 1 on the S2400 be selected simply with a Program Change Message Value of 1?

I’ll try some more approaches when I’m with my machine later on. I appreciate the suggestion!

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