Probability for sequencer notes/steps

Hello all!

I think it would be great if the sequencer could include probability for steps/notes (notes better as not linked to a specific moment in the sequence).

This is something that Elektron devices have included to great effect all along and that the new Ableton version released in Q1 will also include natively and it would be nice not to have to turn to Ableton for my probability related sequencing needs.



I like it too with a big caveat that sub 100% probability is easy to decipher from the UI. I would hate to program something and come back to it days/weeks later and think there is a bug with my S2400…

Yes! please for probability

it is coming down the rd, has been confirmed

sit tight people :grinning:

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Not sure I confirmed that… Did I?

unless i am either misunderstanding what the question is / the way it is framed or what mickey said in the big stream, in which case my mistake

also, i think people get too hung up in the elektron way of implementing it, this isn’t that clearly, i have plenty of elektron gear that i love and i would hope this doesn’t get that way

Man, after posting this topic I saw Brad saying somewhere else that he’s not a fan of probability and never wants to do it… Haha

But if the people request it enough, might you reconsider Brad?

I can see stuff like this tipping some people over the edge into buying this and selling other boxes to fund it.

It appears that Brads probability is set to about 10% right now. :rofl:


If I were Brad…I’d wait until whenever sales might start slowing down and for now be happy with all the purchases from the people who are happy with just a quality modern remake of the SP1200, that have already created a huge backlog.

Then when sales ease up, start work on all these added extras to poach customers from the competitors.

So maybe one day?


I like the cut of your jib!


or on a moving ratio of 9:67 controlled by a random lfo :rofl:


It is not very “probable” it will be implemented. Get it, get it? :clown_face:


tbh when this whole thing came up that is what i expected

any sweeteners are just that, be it fx, lfo whatever

i love the machine for what it is, looks like , its build and not what it isn’t - i know what i paid for , anything more is nice


If probabilty comes later on it would be great to not reduce it only to notes: velocity, filter cutoff, note lengh, LFO amount ( hoping LFO[s?] will be added as well) and so on. Having the possibility to choose which of these parameters we want to randomise, one by one, and how far for each of them. For happy and exciting accidents. :heart:

Hmmmm less is more! Lets get it completely on point first

+1 for trigger probability. Lovely feature increasingly supported in modern sequencers.

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was there any implementation of note probability yet?

No :slight_smile:

I’m interested in some from of probability or randomness. Would make creating generative music easier. Right now I have to create the randomness or probabilities in my eurorack and pass that via midi.

Probability but limited is fine. Just note trigger probability would make working with a 16 bar loop more interesting and still lots of possibilities. Particularly if you factor choking.