Pitch Aliasing Not Working Right [SOLVED]

I just noticed today that when I switch a HiFi sample (sampled 16b/48K on inputs 1-2 or 3-4) to the Classic Audio Engine, the pitch aliasing is not happening. It works as it should when I sample in on inputs 1-2 set to 12bit/26K. Is this intentional? Pitch is set to Classic16…latest firmware (12/21)

Classic pitch just means the number of pitch levels, I think.

All the dirt is in inputs 1-2 due to filters, classic audio engine and sampling at reduced sample rate

Thanks for your reply! I’m not referring to dirt from a lower bit depth or dullness from the input anti-aliasing filters on inputs 1-2, I’m referring simply to the Pitch Artifacts introduced when the Audio Engine is switched to Classic mode. It’s my understanding that any sample, regardless of where it’s recorded or imported in, will have those Pitch Artifacts when the Audio Engine is switched from Hifi to Classic.

i am not on latest FW but it works correct on Nov FW, as you say the pitch res doesn’t matter, you are swapping hifi to classic

quick test i did- load sample, hit shift+pad and then switch the engines while still in the pad screen and i hear differences , obviously these grow as you alter pitch

i see no point in them disabling it and making it only work if you sample it - so is either a bug or something else

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You need to change the pitch to hear it more pronounced, are you doing this?

On a 16/48 file it should be less pronounced, or at least it is in my experience. You could always resample the file to 12/26 if you need more dirt.

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Thanks again for your replies! What StupidAmericanPig is saying is completely true. The difference was so subtile on the 48K, I couldn’t hear it in my monitors after a long day. But, in my headphones this morning, I can most-definitely hear it when switching modes.

I thought it was more pronounced previously, but I must’ve been mistaken. It makes total sense that the pitch artifacts would be much less noticeable when there are 22,000 more samples to work with.

Apologies for the unnecessary thread. I’m just really committed to helping make the S2400 the best it can be.


not unnecessary at all! as someone just diving into the S2400, it’s fun to read different things people are doing with it.

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