Options to access the existing and tasty 2400 tube algo

@Mickey i am really enjoying the algo, i am pushing it too hard at times but i like that on certain stuff and especially if resampling afterwards - i wonder how many are not even aware of this feature, it got no love in the video manual and it is easy for folk to skip over if they don’t read the manual.

are there any settings such as filter, tone etc inside the algo we could harness/access from the 2400? use the shift+a page to show them perhaps?

what would be amazing if we could add a small and simple envelope or lfo inside the shift+a page so we could decide how the algo comes in and to what depth… :stuck_out_tongue:

i am asking a lot maybe but i think this is creative and as we have the algo already is possibly easier than say adding an entirely new feature?

Yeah it sounds good.
So does resampling it work, I haven’t tried yet?

Having a vol after the gain would be cool but asking a bit too much(probably not possible).

1 thing i am running into though is if i have a gained up kick on pad 1 and another sound on pad 2 the envelope of pad 1 has to finish before there is any clarity on pad 2. Mute pad1 or lower the fader and pad 2 is there all gained up and sounds great, unmute pad 1 and pad2 is a mess with no clarity - not happening on other channels

they are not sharing channels or alt channels

@Mickey any ideas? need audio or the project file mate?

also, when i resample why does it remove all shift+a settings? same pad etc, i have to go back and reset them, can this be stopped or is there a specific reason?

what i really like is with gain added and the fader down low it addes just some weight and a bit of saturation/distortion to the file, raise the fader though and it gets smashed to shi7 :slight_smile:

I’m sure Mickey will chime in but my $.02 on the resampling of gained up samples is that either the gain is applied during the resampling process OR the gain is applied on per sample basis, not included in resampling and therefore removed from the channel as if reassigning a totally new sample. Either way the settings will be reset.

i am semi inclined to agree but everything tells me the gain is a setting for the channel, not the sample

@j.m Please do a proper test. Record both channels (to a stereo file, so they remain separate). First play A1 by itself, then play A2 by itself, then do that thing you described where it doesn’t sound right to you.



hahaaaa i knew this would get said, i was just linking my findings with a request

ok i get it, no problem at all and i have the sense of humour to know when i am a dick :wave:, keep it separate

the feature request stands then, gimme access to an envelope or lfo for the algo please - i start bug report with audio