Option to use timestretch for live-loops

Timestretch for live loops would be great so you can adjust the tempo of your loops if you change pattern tempo

Doesn’t have to be a realtime thing, just the possibility to use the regular timestretch feature for live loops.

You can do that now. When you save the project, it saves the Live Loop wav files in the project folder.

I know that’s great :slight_smile:
But what I’m saying here is that it would be great if you could import it (and other loops from browser) to a live-loop track, As long as the file is short enough for the live-looper memory.

I understand. There is no quick and easy way to do it. But you can do it.
Put a file called liveloop1.wav into the project folder, and open that project.

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Cool! I will try that :slight_smile: