Onboard algos from ValhallaDSP/Sean Costello?

Sean has coded amazing stuff over the years and I believe his design aesthetic is maximum effect for fewest CPU cycles. He has form re: hardware as his verbs ended up in a card for TipTop’s Z-DSP. He’s also represented in open source land as his earliest pre EOS(which he did for Audio Damage) algorithms live on in Csound’s eponymous screverb opcode.
Someone to speak to about onboard/DSP card licensed algortihms?
Not looking to chat about it necessarily, just putting it out there as a ValhallaDSP fanboy - VintageVerb or Room would kill most of the competition’s onboard reverbs and Sean is a gent with a sensible business model it seems.


This is a dream scenario … Valhalla >>>>>>> all. Once you have valhalla verb you really dont need any others :exploding_head:

If possible 100% support.


Yes! That would be awesome. It would be nice to hear quality usable fx added. Rather than a bunch things that dont6sound great.

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Would be absolutely amazing

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I’ll buy it.

Yyyyyesss please!

Oh yes! :star2:

Yas plaz

Need it ooh yeaaah

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