Number pad text entry- Allow Numbers

I was sampling my 808 and noticed that when using the number pad to enter text the actual number is not available. So if I wanted to enter, say 808_bd1 I have no choice but to use the encoder.

I will also say sample editing is a breeze and I really like how this is implemented.

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I agree we should have a shortcut to use the numeric keypad to write numbers :blush:

Suggestions on how that would work? All the F-keys are used, so there are none left for a “numlock”.

My thinking is it would just be an additional button press. [A, B, C, D, 1] [E, F, G, H, 2] etc.

How about the zero key cycles through numbers the same way the F-keys cycle through letters?
And for Help, you have to press Shift+0.

EDIT: That is a two line change that I have already tested, and I think it works well.


That works for me. Thanks Mickey

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