New quantise cannot replace old after recording? bug or feature request?

bug or feature request?

record some note repeats using a quantise

change quantise then hold repeat and press record - they do not record over - so we have to delete the pad data and start again

i would expect the new track quantise to simply record over the old when we ask it to, that way a 1/8t could be recorded across a bar for example and after changing quantise to 1/16 we could hold some repeats to land on 1/16 off beats but the 1/8t would remain where we were not recording.

Can you be more specific with the steps to reproduce?
For example, you are not holding the Tap/Repeat while pressing the Rec/Edit key, are you?

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no mate, rec is on but i am not holding it, simple REC+RUN

load file
set quantise
hit rec+run
hold repeat and press pad - pattern is recorded so i press stop:

goto quantise
hit rec and hold pad


new quantise is not recorded - i would expect this to take over any and all spacing where i hold the pad and repeat

audio is below: initial recording at 1/16, stop , press 1/4t and press rec , then i stop and press 1/64, then rec, then i stop and press 1/16t and press rec

would do video but kids in bed and i dont have a way to rec audio and video without monitors

maybe i am missing something and that is entirely possible i am happy to admit, but it makes no sense to me the output i am getting - cheers pal

Track A1 was recorded with quantize set to 1/16.
Track A2 was recorded with quantize set to 1/4t.
Track A3 was recorded with quantize set to 1/16, then recorded again with quantize set to 1/4t.
The result is as expected.


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no mate - i am recording new quantise on the same track, that is why i said in OP they don’t record over the top

i have absolutely no issues with difff: quantise on diff: trax :slight_smile:

I only put A1 and A2 in the pattern so you could see what 1/16 and 1/4t look like by them selves.

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ok mark me as confused, you are saying it is writing over the top and removing previous quantise?

What I am saying is that nothing is removed.
Why would previous pattern data be removed when recording more pad presses?

Consider this:

  1. Press Rec+Run/Stop to record
  2. Press a pad - Pad press is now in the pattern
  3. Press Run/Stop to stop
  4. Press Rec+Run/Stop to record again
  5. Press the same pad - Both pad presses are now in the pattern

How is that different than holding Tap/Repeat while pressing the pad? It is not different.


yes i am brain farting, for some reason i thought the notes outside of quantise would be removed - of course we are recording over the top, not replacing

thanks and sorry