New Live Loop Rec Mode : Beat & Bar

I love the new live loops ! They are near perfect now, i only miss those rec mode :

Beat : recording start at the next beat, finish at the next beat
Bar : recording start at the next bar, finish at the next bar

Because “Latched” is not precise enough when you deal with sync material, and “Fixed Lengh” is a full pattern only. Sometimes you need a fraction of that, still synced to BPM

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Isn’t that what the divisions are there for?

No, division create a smaller buffer and repeat it (very interesting to work with by the way !), but don’t sync the start/end of recording to the next Beat/Bar of the pattern.

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Okay, I see what you try to do now. That will be useful for partially re-recording mistakes.

This seems less like a record mode and more like record quantization, which could be used in any record mode.

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Hmm yea im trying to sync an 8 bar bassline and chord progression sampled from a live loop. It starts strong but drifts off by the second half of the pattern despite any amount of fine pitch adjustment. I feel like if i were able to pick when the division starts (instead of just being a fraction starting from the beginning of the pattern) id be able to line it up. Probably doesn’t help that the S2400 is slaved to a TR707 either.