MIDI sampling

Could MIDI tracks have the option to work as midi samplers with the workflow, as much as possible, mirroring the sampling workflow?

So you can load a midi file as per a wav file, or sample/record incoming midi as per sampling audio, and then trigger or sequence playback as per samples.

You’ve already developed an incredible workflow and It feels like there’s very little you can do with samples that wouldn’t be cool to do with midi files. Maybe you wouldn’t want changing the pitch to cause a change in the speed of a midi file (but perhaps you could have the envelope multiply or divide speed in place of targeting the filter?).

Obviously, this is an over the top request but it would be pretty incredible and I figured it couldn’t hurt to mention it (and apologies if it’s come up before).


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Keep it simple, please don’t make it a „it can do everything“ Box

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I may not have explained the idea well but the simplicity is the main reason I thought this worth suggesting.

If midi tracks are going to be implemented, what could be simpler(for the user) than having everything behave exactly the same, but with midi data instead of audio data? Keeping to the strict limitation of mirroring the audio sample workflow would mean users don’t have to learn anything new.